Sunday, November 13, 2011

Profile of a Good Friend

I met my really good friend Jonay two years ago.  He is a hairdresser and started working near the restaurant where I work. Every day, he came to have breakfast and always ordered the same: an orange juice and a little sandwich. He  was a  hard-working young man who worked very long hours in his own business, always kind and nice,  but generally looked sad and I wanted to know why.

One day, I decided to take him a cup of coffee in the afternoon. He was so surprised  and I could not resist asking him about his strange sadness. Now, I realize I was a bit indiscreet, but he trusted me and said there was no love in his life. I could not believe it! 

You are sorrounded by love, your family and your friends , and you should to be more confident and love yourself every day, I told him. We talked about it for months and I lent him some books. He started going to the gym, enjoying the little things and meeting new people.

Nowdays, Jonay is a successful, cheerful man. When I feel nervous about studies or my job, I talk to him because I know he is a reliable, generous friend, and we feel much better after listening to each other just for a few minutes. And above all, I have learnt that a woman and a man can be friends. (by Jennifer NI 2)

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