Friday, November 11, 2011

Almudena's Trip to Lanzarote in 2003

It was 2003 and I was very stressed at work and had to stop and relax. So I went to Playa Blanca, on Lanzarote's south coast. In that amazing holiday adventure I discovered that interesting island. It was a fantastic, magic experience.
One day, I sailed to the nearby isle of La Graciosa on a small ferry. I also visited a lot of villages like San Bartolomé, Tías, Arrieta, Orzola, El Golfo and Mancha Blanca where the popular belief has it that the Virgin Mary stopped volcanic lava. In this place the church of the Volcano´s Virgin was built.
I loved Lanzarote's beaches, especially Papagayo. Timanfaya National Park was amazing, with its volcanic scenery. This place provided me peace, calm and relaxation. The only sound is the wind blowing through the lava.
But the region I adore most is Famara Beach. If you want, you can practice extreme sports like kite surfing. It is a very long beach but sometimes the tide may be a bit dangerous when the sea is too strong.
Every year I try to get back to Lanzarote, but those holidays in 2003 were the most unforgettable days of my life.
--- by Almudena (NI 2) 

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From that picture alone plus the experiences you had when you visited the place, one can say that Lanzarote is in fact a perfect destination for a holiday.