Monday, March 14, 2011

Nestor A NI 2B Discusses Nick Carraway

Here is Nestor's thoughts on Nick Carraway, one of the central characters in the novel, The Great Gatsby.

What is Nick Carraway's role in the novel? How does he change as the story develops?

Nick Carraway is the main character of the story, the one who tells us the story and the only normal person in the novel. He has gone to New York to work in the bond business and finds a house in Long Island, near his cousin Daisy.

When he arrives, he does not have much knowledge about life, but then he gets involved in lots of troubles. He must be very reliable, because he knows all the characters' secrets.

Firstly, he is invited by Tom to meet his lover and go with them to a party in an apartment. Although, Tom is the husband of his cousin he does not mind their secret relationship. Then, he meets Gatsby and arranges for him and his cousin to meet up. Then, he finds out they are also in love.

At this moment, he has to choose sides. Although, he thought at first that Gatsby was a criminal, he makes friends with Gatsby and chooses to support him. Finally, when Gatsby is killed, he understands that the most important thing in life is to follow your dream.

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