Monday, March 14, 2011

Jay Gatsby: Hero or Villain (María T, NI 2B)

A very thoughtful essay by María T of NI 2B. Nice work and thanks for your efforts.

Jay Gatsby seems to be a very mysterious figure in the book. Describe how this “hero” o “villain” develops as a character in the novel.

Gatsby is a strange and mysterious person for his elitist neighbors because he isn´t a usual rich person. Nobody knows where his fortune from. People from Long Island think he is a bootlegger and then realize they are right. For that reason, at the beginning of the story he is presented as a villain and shady character.

As the story goes on, we can start seeing the most intimate side from Gatsby because of the deep love he feels for Daisy. This love leads him to terrible consequences and eventually, his untimely death.

Despite being a bootlegger, he manages to be seen as a hero. He died because he dared to denounce Daisy.

And now, I wonder what would have been my impression about Gatsby if he had not died. I would still think that he is a horrible person because he did not mind how he got rich.

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