Monday, March 14, 2011

Jay Gatsby and Daisy: Romance or Folly!?

How does Gatsby try to win Daisy´s affection in the novel? Do you think his efforts were noble or foolish? Why?

Gatsby did a lot of things to be near Daisy. At first he settled into a luxurious house because from it he could see her house.

He threw so many parties in hopes of having her come over to one of them and being his guest. Finally they had a date, when Gatsby had asked Nick to sort it out. Until this point in the story, I thought Gatsby´s efforts were noble but when he tried to persuade her to break up with Tom then told Tom she never loved him, I started to changed my mind about the good intentions of Gatsby.

At the end of the book Gatsby has one last good intention, although it could be considered a bit pathetic. When he waited outside Daisy's house in case she might run out and fling herself into his arms or something wrong happened with Tom. Of course, this was impossible.

In conclusion, I think he had noble intentions but when somebody is in love and tries to make his dreams come true, that person might commit some mistakes, but this may not necessarily be a foolish effort. (Brenda)

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