Monday, March 14, 2011

“I’d put you in a pink cloud and ..." Daisy Essay

Based on her comment in the novel “I’d put you in a pink cloud and push you around the sky,” do you think that Daisy is an endearing character or a tragic crazy person? Defend your answer.

As I see it, Daisy has always loved Gatsby, but she loves money too.

When Gatsby goes to fight in the war, Daisy’s parents forbid her go to New York and say goodbye to him. As a result, her heart was broken, because Gatsby was the great love of her life, so I think she’s still very sad, she hasn’t been able to get over it.

Although she loves Gatsby she marries Tom because he’s a rich man, but Tom does not respect her, he talks rudely to her and he even takes a mistress. The worst thing of all is that Daisy knows everything, but she does nothing. Perhaps she feels she can not, because she loves Tom’s money and the way he behaves, being careless and restless, like her. I think this makes her choose Tom instead of Gatsby.

To sum up, I do not find Daisy an endearing person, but she is not a crazy woman either. She’s just a rich, sad girl. (Llucía NI 2B)

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