Friday, March 26, 2010

Sophie's Dad in His Penguin Suit by Carla NI 2B

It was a hot summer day. Sophie was at her home in the north of Africa, thinking of her father the fisherman who had gone to sea. Suddenly she heard a noise outside the room. She stood up and went to the living room where a great light was shining from the old grandfather clock on the wall. She opened the door and to her great surprise she found she was on a big cruise liner. From the ship's deck, she could take in all the stars in the sky and heard a voice calling her to dinner in the great dining room. She had never seen a place like this, it was like some gracious, luxurious hotel. Again, to her astonishment, she was dressed like a princess. Everyone stood up for the captain to enter the dining room but the man in the penguin suit (tuxedo) was her dad. After their lovely meal, he took her around the boat. Then they ventured out onto the deck where they could survey the white coast and hundreds of penguins. It was like a dream.

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