Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Trip of a Lifetime (David Shea, EOI Teacher)

Well we made it to the USA! Although many people warned us that the weather and cold would be too much for us, we made a once in a lifetime trip to Boston and Chicago. We even managed to make it to Turners Falls, Massachusetts for Valentine's Day so that my dear mom, Blanche Patricia Shea could meet my boss, Don Rafael Gutierrez Cabrera.
It was an amazing adventure which included lots of snowy, icy, chilly weather, but we managed fine. Before I provide my account of the trip, I would like to thank my mother for reserving us the room at the French King Restaurant and to Rafa for making it all possible and for believing in our students. I want to thank my family and friends for turning out for lunch and to my little sister Vicky, her husband Matt and their beautiful daughter Julie for taking us around downtown Turners (see photo below). I also want to thank all the students who made the trip special, especially Arminda, Jose Luis, Cayetana, Ana, Braulio, Paula (the timplista), Carola, Jesus, Teresa and Juan Pedro for your patience and perserverance. It was great to travel with you and learn about my native land, as academic tourists!
(the top photo is a group shot in downtown Turners Falls, while the other is of my mother, Rafa and me)

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Anonymous said...

You dragged Blanche out in the cold weather?!

CCod Mike