Friday, March 12, 2010

Beacon Hill in Snow (David Shea)

On our last morning in Boston, before flying that very Tuesday afternoon to Chicago, we had a rare opportunity to visit the Massachusetts State House, the seat of government for my home state. I had ventured over to Beacon Hill at the break of dawn and spoke to a guard who gave us permission to visit before the official tours started at 10.
We set off at 9 and trudged the three blocks in a flurry of snow. The city took on that silent magic of whiteness muffling every corner. It was magic although as the frosting of snow grew deeper, we needed to walk with care to keep our feet.
Once inside those hallowed halls, the security people made us feel very welcome. They explained to us about the workings of the government as we toured both chambers and also gaped at the dome. It was an unforgettable experience.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you and your troupe! Wid tells me the Bowling Alley is still abuzz.

God knows how I found this blog! Get on Facebook like the rest of the civilized world!

Your Friend on Cape Cod!!