Monday, April 19, 2010


Can you imagine what it would like to be a fly on your kitchen ceiling? Carmen, our wonderful student from Teror, used a lot of imagination for this tale!

I often have strange dreams but this time I dreamed that I was a fly looking for something to eat. I was lost because the other flies had fled from the spiders that were in the house.
After flying by around the house for an hour, I managed to reach the kitchen and I thought that perhaps I would find something to eat and luckily I found some leftover food on the table. For a fly this was a feast. While I was eating so placidly an enormous hand appeared which seemed to have very bad intentions, I began to fly around the kitchen, trying to escape from those hands that would not stop following me.
I was so exhausted that I landed on the kitchen ceiling to recover my breath. But I wasn´t doing anything bad, I only was eating leftover food that was on the table, I did not touch any fruit nor bread.
Nevertheless the hands continued to rush towards me and now one of them had an object that produced airflows, I was so scared that I couldn’t fly. Luckily, one of the flies of the group returned and she distracted those hands that wanted to end my life and I could escape through the kitchen window. Uf! By the skin of my teeth, - my companion said and we returned to the rest of the group.
I woke up from the dream and I reflected on the fact that although flies are very annoying, they are also living beings.

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Vanesa said...

I have already thought about a fly with Carmen's face! oh, my god!