Monday, March 22, 2010

A Visit to Granny's House

I remember when I was a child every time I went to my granny’s big old house I noticed she had a grandfather clock in the drawing room and when it was striking the hours, you could hear the sound from almost everywhere in the house. Not to mention at night, if it stroke one that was not too bad but the striking of twelve created a real racket! Surely you got woken up.
Perhaps due to be awaken at night because of the clock, I used to stay by the window trying to find the moon and the stars in the dark night. When it was full moon you did not need to light either the room or the garden to see clearly.
But what really fascinated me in that house was the silver cutlery: the ancient spoons, knives and forks. My mother told me once that women in this family have been inheriting it (mother to daughter) from the seventeenth century up to now. Nowadays the cutlery belongs to my sister since my mother died a few years ago.
Miguel Angel NI-2B

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