Monday, November 2, 2009

Victor's Very Scary Halloween from Lomo Espino

My scary tale happened in a dark classroom with an electronic white-board. No lights... well, one or two soft lights, no more. No moon and two dogs howling: “Ouuuhhh!!!”.
The teacher, Dracked Shea... from Rumania, was speaking about... about... I don't know about what … but everyone in the classroom understood what he was saying. I really tried but I couldn't.
Suddenly, he lift up his right arm and began to extend it. He was pointing in my direction with his extremely long, bony finger. So, I hid myself behind Rodolfo.... from La Palma. I was frighten, really frighten. I started to tremble. My legs were trembling. I was trembling with fear. My hair stood on end and a cold sweat dripped down from my forehead.
The teacher, Dracked Shea... from Rumania, wanted my blood. His eyeteeth were raising... two or three centimeters long. I couldn't breathe.
Then, Dracked Shea said with a deep, calm and horrible voice:
-“VĂ­ctor... from Lomo Espino, what do you think about my opinion?”
-”Aaaahhhh..... Aaaaaaahhh”. I tried to pronounce a word, any word but it was impossible. My throat and mouth were absolutely dry.
He asked again but with no results. I couldn't look up, my eyes fixed on on my book. Then, he shouted very angrily: “Wake up and answer!. Wake up and answer!. Again and louder: “Wake up!. Wake up!
Finally, I opened my eyes and saw my wife. At once, Uufff!, I could breathe. What a nightmare! by Victor NI2B (from Lomo Espino)

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