Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Fran from NI2A wrote this lovely essay about a long-time friend.

My best friend is Juan. We met at school when I was ten years old. We were in the same class. One day a teacher asked me a difficult maths question. I really hated studying that subject so I didn’t know the answer and I felt very nervous about this situation. Suddenly, Juan was standing up and he said the correct answer. I recovered and when the class finished, we were speaking two hours and that afternoon we met to play tennis. He won the game but that didn’t matter because that day was the first day of our friendship.

We look very similar in physical appearance despite the fact that I’m taller than Juan. We’re both thin although we like going to McDonald’s! Our hair is short and dark and our eyes are small and black, but we don’t have similar taste in clothes. He likes wearing bright clothes and I like buying dark clothes. He looks like 60s pop singers such as John Lennon. We’re very keen on playing sports. He’s good at tennis but he’s bad at football. I think he’s the worst football player that I’ve ever seen. We both like going clubbing and having lie-ins at the weekends.

Our personalities are different. He’s much more disorganised than I am but Juan is very funny. I think he’s the funniest person that I know. He has a really good sense of humour. He never looks worried about problems. He thinks all problems have good solutions. On the contrary, I get nervous about problems. He’s doesn’t mind helping people in bad moments. He’s a very good person and I hope we will be friends forever. I think I should learn a lot of things from him.

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