Monday, November 9, 2009

Jesus B's spooky story: lost in a dark night

Once, when I was a teenager, two friends and I decided to walk to the next village across the mountains. It was summer and it was very hot, so we set off late in the afternoon. When we were in the mountains the night fell and we soon got lost. It was a very dark night and we were wandering trying to find our path for a long time, but we could not. At about 12 we felt tired, thirsty, hungry and so frightened. Then we sat down on a rock and decided waiting there until sun rise. Suddenly, we heard some voices not very far away and we quickly stood up.
“Ehh, Ehh. Is there anybody over there?” we shouted.
No answer. But a little red light could be seen on the other side of the mountain. We ran fast to the light and when got there isn’t anybody and there is no light, but the path was exactly there. Voices could be heard again, farther.
“Wait for us, please”, we shouted, but we did not get any answer.
We still walking fast until the end of the path. There we met the owners of a house sit down close their front door home.
“Have you seen anybody going up or down this path a few minutes ago? “, we asked them.
“We have stayed here almost an hour and nobody have gone up or down this path”, they said.
“Of course”
We never knew what really happened that night, but I have never walked in a dark night again. Jesus B. NI2B.

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