Sunday, October 4, 2009

We have been talking about houses in NI2. Nira wrote a nice essay describing an amazing house in Holland. Unfortunately for us, Nira is leaving this week for the USA for three months. This talented young doctor will be working in Los Angeles on a temporary basis till around Xmas time. We wish her much success and look forward to seeing her when she returns to class in 2010. Happy trails, Nira! -- David

The Most Amazing House I Have Ever Seen (Nira)
The house I remember most was not here but in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2002, I travelled to Europe with five close friends. One of our destinations was Rotterdam. There, we visited cube houses or cubic houses, the most amazing house I have ever seen! These houses were built in 1984. I remember this date because it is the year of my sister´s birthday.

When you are outside the house you cannot imagine how someone can live over there. They look like geometric trees with a crown like a yellow cube held up by a grey tube. Inside the house you have a strange sensation. In the first floor you can find the living room and kitchen. The living room look likes a spaceship and the sofas are very small.
When you look through the window you can see the street below your feet because the walls and windows are angled. On the second floor there are the bedrooms and the bathrooms.
The bedrooms are cozy. It seems to be a cabin. You feel safe inside the room. The top floor is a beautiful living space with French windows.

I think it is an original house but not functional. There is a lot of wasted space and empty corners. Besides, it is very rare to look at one side of the house and realize that the wall is not vertical. It is interesting to visit it but in my opinion, it is not the best home to live in.

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