Monday, October 12, 2009

Report about the important rules of behaviour for a guest in my country

If you are invited to someone’s house in Canary Islands, there are some things you should remember to do. First of all, you should bring a little present or even a meal, preferably a delicious, sweet dessert.

When you arrive, you never take off your shoes, because you can look like a homeless. This is very different in Sweden where guests at a dinner party will often take off their shoes and walk around in socks. If you feel hot, you should ask about a clothes rack and your hosts will tell you.

During the meal, it’s a good idea to be as relaxed as possible. You should try to talk friendly about most subjects such as the weather, sports, politics but you should avoid talking about money. Please don’t ask about the price of the house or the car. In Britain you shouldn’t discuss serious topics and you never should talk about money as you can in Spain..

If you don’t like food, you can say it respectfully and your host will try to change the food. You must avoid eating food with your hands, it is considered very rude, even when you eat pizza. Don’t worry about the use of cutlery, it is less important here than other countries. In Germany you can’t use a knife to cut potatoes or fish and in Italy you only can eat pasta with a fork

Above all, the most important thing is the guests should feel as if they were in their own home! FRANCISCO NI2A

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Anonymous said...


I am a student who studies the fourth year at Santa Brigida's High School. My name is Angela Tejera Hernandez and this is my opinion, my point of view about it.

This is a report for a famous magazine.

I think in my country there isn´t a specific group of rules of behaviour for guests. However, I would provide you some tips you should remember to do.

If you are invited to someone's house in Spain it is important to give your host a gift. Many people tend to bring cakes or biscuits to their host.

Moreover, avoid giving yellow flowers to your host such as in Russia because this is a symbol of death. Furthermore, while you are eating try to not speak so avoid talking with your mouth full.

During the meal, you can talk about most subjects but you shoul avoid talking about disgusting foods or making a mess with your food.

Make sure your cutlery is at the right side of your plate at the end of a meal. Don't cough either sneeze over your plate. You must use a tissue to sneeze or cough.

I would recommend you try to not discuss serious topics anywhere you stay such as in Britain.

There are also some things you shoul remember to do especially to be as friendly as possible. Don't yawn too much!

See you soon, David!