Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tito's Ideal Home

One of our students, Prudencio (or Tito, as he prefers to be called!) from Llanos de Maria Rivera, wrote a nice essay about his ideal home. Good work, Tito! -- David

My ideal home would be very huge. I would like my house to have very big windows, because this would allow more light to come in. My ideal home needs a very good central heating system because I am very sensitive to the cold. I would prefer that my home has a roof, and of course, it will be a detached house. I would like it to have a big garden and a garage. I would also like my ideal home to have a big swimming pool, because I like swimming very much. It would be nice to have a lot of enormous trees around my home and I would like to have a gym so I can do lots of exercise in the morning and after work.
By Prudencio (Tito)

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