Friday, September 18, 2009

Intermediate 2 Groups (IUNIT ONE: HOME COMFORTS)

Dear students of Intermediate 2 (both groups),
We are busy getting to know each other, learning names and making the most of our class time. We have sung a few songs and did some public speaking which should help us conquer our nerves.

In the Premium B1 textbook we are working on Unit 1 about HOMES. Here are some essay titles for you to write about if you need extra writing practice. Write 150 words for each:

1) Describe your ideal home.
2) Describe your favourite room in your house.
3) A friend is going to stay at your house for three weeks while you are on vacation. Write her a note with instructions about how to care for the place.

Good luck and keep studying!
- David

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SABRINA said...

Hello!!I'm Sabrina!!One question: Do we have to do all the writtings??Or do we have to choose one of them??