Friday, November 29, 2013

Women: past, present and future (Norberto NA2)

Women: past, present and future

                The role of women has been changing for the better  in recent decades. Although a long way has been travelled, there are certain mountains that we need to climb.
In the early 1920s or 1930s women used to be dependent, without self conscious and with no power to make decisions, all these features respond to the pressure of a sexist society, where women were considered an inferior person. In fact, they had to hold up the yoke of this society for years. The years went by and women emerged from the deepest stratus and began to fight for their rights. Also, this time was a hard and terrible period where many changes were happening in the entire world and they had to be strong to rise up in their position.
            Fortunately, nowadays women have a better recognition despite certain people who insist in retrograde theories and still trying to suppress human evolution. As a matter of fact, I have read of recent cases of  women who still live in a marriage where man is the patriarch and the wife has no option to express her ideas and live like a slave. She can not go shopping, go for a long walk or any kind of activity without her husband, even talk with another man is a reason to start a discussion. This kind of woman lives in a deep, cold, dark cave and suffers diseases such as stress or anxiety.
            To sum up, we all need to struggle together against this mentality, and promote any changes in order to offer the same opportunities for men and women. With all these actions, maybe one day we can create a fair society. (Norberto NA2) 

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