Friday, November 29, 2013

How dating has changed in the last thirty years (Tachy)

           We usually say that any time in the past was better, but is that true about dating?

         First of all, we have to remember how dating was thirty years ago. When you liked somebody, you had to look for the way to approach that person, and the male always used to be the one who took the initiative. Sometimes you collect information from the friends of the girl you liked in order to plan the strategy. Going out with the gang and hanging out with friends at clubs or festivals allowed you to interact with people.
          However, things have changed radically nowadays. If you want to meet someone you really need their whatsapp's account. If the person said that she did not have whatsapp or facebook, she would not probably want to know anything about you or just does not exist, because is there anybody in the world who does not have them?
         Undoubtedly, the Internet has given us the chance to access a greater number of people and faster than before, but we still have to say that you would miss the  physical contact and non-verbal communication.
          All in all, it is easy to conclude that taking into consideration the disadvantages and advantages of dating today, we should not proclaim that life is so much better today than 30 years ago, it is just different.  Tachy

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