Friday, November 29, 2013

Take your own decision about marriage (Ebe, NA2)

Getting married is a very important step, but each new year it is increasingly difficult to see people taking somebody in marriage. Will you get married nowadays?
We know that for about 10 years and due to the enormous slump we are living through, it is more challenging to maintain the same style of life as some years ago.
Wheras citizens used to get married at about 20 years of age, they now tend to wait until 35, when they can find a job. It is said that money is the first cause by apparently young individuals do not leave their parent’s house. They do not want to renounce that kind of comfortable life-style.
A second way could be to meet the right person. It seems that the Internet would make it easy to meet face to face. Anyway the truth is that people tend to use the Internet as a game and they lie about themselves. This increases the difficulty to really get to know a person. For example, somebody who lives in China could talk with someone in Argentina.  They might get to know each other very well, but distance makes it quite impossible to get married.
Another reason could be the lack of interest about getting married, because people feel that it cuts freedom, instead of the benefits of an agreement between a couple.
According to news in different media, any of these points could be most important, and perhaps all should explain why people do not engage. In the end, new generations ask the important question, and have the last word. (by Ebe NA2)

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