Friday, November 29, 2013

A Date with a Computer (Yeray NA 2)

“Tonight I am having a date with my cyber girlfriend.”

 It was impossible to hear this thirty years ago. The way people date today has changed so much in these last years. Both young and old people use their computer for meeting new friends through the Internet. Many times, what begins as a friendship ends up in a love relationship. Let’s consider how this happens.
According to current research, most people find it easier to get to know people through the Internet, because they tend to confess their life and their problems to someone being sheltered behind the screen of the computer. In other words, the computer provides the sensation of confidence that is difficult to find in face to face human contact.
Furthermore, many of them affirm that they are likely to communicate their feelings using a computer and they do not feel embarrassed about expressing sadness or love when they talk either in chat rooms or in social networks.
Nevertheless, how real are these on-line conversations? Obviously, I have to consider the possibility that the person who I am chatting with might be lying. So, I could fall in love with someone who is not the person it assures to be.
On the one hand, many people prefer the classical face to face when they look for a new partner or friend. Therefore, they say that the Internet is only a manner to keep in touch with family and friends, so they do not lose the connection with their lives and do not care if someone unknown lets them down.
Finally, are on-line relationships the future method of getting to know people? Understandably, it seems to point toward this direction. But to a certain extent, we should take into account the difference between on-line and real life experience. Above all, we must be conscious that human contact is much more satisfactory that the cyber-world. 
by Yeray NA 2 

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