Monday, April 8, 2013

Character Descriptions, adjectives and adverbs

We had some fun translating some sentences this morning and my NI 1 students asked me to post our results. This was group work but, just the same, our versions were not definitve. Any suggestions are welcome!

1.       Patricia es una persona muy trabajadora.
Patricia is a hard-working person.
2.       Tu hermano es bastante perezoso, no da golpe.
Your brother is quite lazy, he doesn’t lift a finger.
3.       Sus primos son un poco brutos.
Their cousins are slightly/somewhat rude (gruff, rough).
4.       Ella siempre piensa en sus amigos, es una persona muy bondadosa.
She always thinks of / about her friends. She is such a /a very considerate person.
5.       Estos niños tienen de todo y se podría decir que son algo malcriados o mimados.
Those children have everything you could think of and we could say they are somewhat spoilt.
6.       La gente de ese pueblo es muy educada y de buenos modales.
The people in that town are very (so) polite and have good manners / they are well behaved.
7.       Mi vecino grita mucho y suele estar de mal humor.
My neighbour shouts a lot and he is usually bad-tempered (bad mood).
8.       Los súbditos eran leales al buen rey en aquel reino.
The subjects were loyal to their good king in that kingdom.

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