Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comparatives and Superlatives

Here are some of the sentences we went over in class using comparatives: and superlatives:

1 Mexico City is far bigger than Manchester, England.
2 My kitchen is the same size as the living room.
3 My cousin is just as stubborn as me.
4 Our dogs is bigger than your cat. (So, watch out!)
5 My Aunt Rose is the most organized person I have ever known (or met).
6 My friend Tom has the biggest CD collection in the entire capital. 
7 Jorgina's brother is much bigger than she is. 
8 Alexia's job is more interesting than mine. 
9 Fatima's roof terrace has the most fabulous view of Lanzarote, Lobos and the dunes!
10 Jonathan is the best skater in our class.
(Regarding big world capitals, Mexico City must be one of the biggest!)

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