Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Here is another ending for the story of the Princess Who Never Smiled by Eric Taylor, taken from his book Using Folktales (Cambridge UP 2000) . Thank you to Tanya (from Arequipa, Peru) for this sweet ending. 

When the young  farmer  went to the castle he saw the Princess and he saw in her eyes a lot of sadness although she was a beautiful woman and she had everything that she wanted, she did not feel happy.
Then he thought and wanted her to be happy so he took the princess to the field to show her how the plants and flowers grew with beautiful colours. She also looked at the animals, but the most important thing was his company so gradually she fell in love with him and the young farmer also fell for her.
Therefore this love that she began to feel for the young farmer changed her life and she never again felt alone, instead she was happy.
The king saw in his daughter a smile on her face and he saw her eyes shine.
After then the princess and the young farmer were married, they fell in love forever and the princess never stopped smiling
NI1 Tania