Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Light of Mafasca (Fuerteventura lore)

 (Editor's note: the stories of the mysterious Light of Mafasca are popular all over the island of Fuerteventura. Our star student, Fefi, wrote this personal account of the Light, as told to her by her dad. Enjoy!)

At the time when I was a youngster, my father used to tell us some stories. The most mystifying was about the strange light of Mafasca. Many years ago, there was no bus service on this island but only a few cars. Thus teenagers used to go on foot to parties.
One time my father and his friends were walking to the village of Casillas del Angel from Tindaya. In the darkest hours of the night they saw a light that was following them. First, they thought it was someone else and they had decided to wait to find out who it could be.
Suddenly, the light had stopped. This happened a few times but they reached the party. Then, my father told an older man everything that had happened. The gentleman showed no surprise, he slowly explained to my father that the light was the soul of someone who had been buried in the mountains and someone had burned his cross.
He told my father that if this happened again, he should pray for the soul to be quiet. That was the most frightening tale that my father ever told me.

(Fefi from Gran Tarajal)  


Diane said...

Wow! What a scary tale!

Diane said...

Wow! What a scary story!

Anonymous said...

The same light used to appear in Las Palmas. A lot of people saw the light in the last century, and the name of the harbour, el Puerto de la Luz, is because this light.

David Shea said...

Thanks for comments. Diane, I miss you!