Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Silvia remembers El Rastro in Madrid

Silvia from NA1 enjoys living in Fuerteventura although she harbors fond memories of her days in Madrid when she frequented the famous flea market El Rastro on Sunday mornings. 

Before I came to Fuerteventura, I used to live in central Madrid, near el Rastro, a typical shopping place, a flea market, where you can buy fabulous gifts and drink cups of wine, of course.
I used to visit el Rastro every Sunday with my friends. In el Rastro you can find different things. For example, people who are from Madrid try to sell antique furniture and LPs, nowadays we buy CDs. I rarely went to my house without having sipped some of the best wine in Madrid.
I frequently visited one of the most famous squares, Lavapies, where people of different cultures live together in peace. Nowadays, on TV we can watch news, but not all the news are good news. Despite this, in my opinion it is a wonderful neighbourhood to live in.
At present, I live in Fuerteventura and I am used to swimming in the beach, but I am always thinking of those days when I used to visit el Rastro every Sunday.


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