Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blues, Gospel and Soul in Santa Brigida!

We were pleased to catch the Sharrie Williams concert the other night in Santa Brigida. This wonderful singer from Michigan blessed us with her beautiful voice, accomplanied by a first rate band of guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.
Ms Williams began her concert just after Spain's World Cup victory. "I know your national team has just won a big football game, so let's celebrate!"
I mention this because I was impressed by how seamlessly this singer drew the crowd into her magic web of mirth and music. She made us feel truly blessed, part of a sacred community.
Sharrie had travelled a long way to that stage, she told us. "Some 13 years ago I was a all strung out on crack and coke," she recounted in unbidded testimony. "But the Lord entered my life and now I revel in that glory."
She mixed soulful blues with a gospel edge that stunned even those who did not understand English. Sharrie Williams showed that language is the least of our obstacles in life, we all danced to the same beat: her sacred rhythmn,


Ivan said...

Hi David, emm It's Ivan from, yeah, Arucas. I'm just a guy who was watching TV Canaria... and I happened to see your part where they go on your life, your love for music and our music. I was very pleased with... well actually I was frankly astonished by the "Andrew, check the engine" one xDD if I didn't misshear the lyrics.

I'm just to tell you that I'm very keen on two things, languages and music; and since I know you're from the States (don't remember where about though) I was wondering what kind of musical influences do you listen to, cuz I'd like to set up a... 'dúo de guitarras' y si puede ser con una persona cuyas raíces no son de aquí pero está afincado.

I quite understand that you must be a busy bloke, and I'm not even expecting you to read this today or tomorrow, but... as soon you will, I would be very grateful to get answer, even if you're just going to say "no, im sorry... not interested" whatever.

"Échale mojo, quehtá desabrío, jíncate un clipe ay que te ñurga too"

Just made it up, know you like em xDDD

Pravin said...

Hello Mr Shea
Just happened to watch you on tv.I play music since very young and feel very identified with your works in music,teaching,etc.You can catch me up in facebook,Pravin Daswani,Las Palmas.