Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fan Mail from Some Flounder!? Delmar Lemming Summer Project

As the heat settles onto the hills and the green goes brown, I suggest some quiet summer pursuits that may take you back in time. In the days before instant communication. People sometimes sat down with a piece of paper and pen and wrote letters. Now if you can't think of anyone familiar to write to, I suggest fan mail.

I mention this because I just saw the Mike Leigh film All or Nothing which featured a premier performance by all the central characters, but particularly the taxi driver (played by Tim Spall) and his disfunctional family. All four of them are superb in this film. In fact, I was tempted to write to Mike Leigh himself as I do admire him inordinately. But instead, I have chosen Tim Spall as my subject.

After sobbing through the final scene of the film (don't worry, I am not going to give anything away --- you have to see it for yourself!), I resolved to direct a gushy fan mail to this amazing actor. I was reminded of the Bullwinkle cartoon moose line: "Fan mail from some flounder?" But I answered, as Rocky the Squirrel did in his day No, this is what I really call a message!"

So watched this space and tomorrow I will run my fan mail missive by you. Happy summer fun and diversion! Delmar Lemming


Claire said...

I am a big Tim Spall fan too - tell him when you write. And great too to find your blog (Alastair told me!)

Anonymous said...

Hola David,
soy Orlando. He vuelto de Madrid a pasar el mes de agosto en la Isla y me gustarĂ­a mucho verte. Menos mal que tienes un blog, porque de otro modo no hubiera podido comunicarme contigo, ¡al menos durante este mes!
Me alegra leerte. Hasta pronto,