Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What? You've Never Heard of Sue Grafton??

In case you have never heard of Sue Grafton, her detective novels begin with A Is for Alibi and run through the alphabet until they reach U Is for Undertow. This amazing author promises to finish her series with Z Is for Zero which will end in 1990 when Kinsey Millhone turns 40. I think that's it anyway.
I mentioned about the paucity of mobile phones and PCs but the novels are always interesting in that they are largely set outside the politics of their day. We do not get any references to the presidents of the day or much of that arena. There is some references to the Vietnam War in O Is for Outlaw but this is in reference to a Vietnam War vet who cannot get it together.
Anyway, I plan to use the Sue Grafton series in class next fall as I have gotten ahold of some of the CD audio readings of Judy Kaye. She brings the novels to life in a very compelling way and it should be fun to play short extracts in class throughout the academic year. Again, enjoy your summer reading! -- Delmar Lemming

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