Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack... (Delmar Lemming)

It was so great visiting Patricia's nursery school class in Valsequillo, up on that mountain ledge looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. Out in the mist, the coast of Africa loomed on the horizon ... or was it Fuerteventura?
Anyway, besides tinkling the twinkle twinkle out of the guitar, I was taken back to the patty cake clapping rhymes games that are so wonderful for children at this early age. We did a Mary Mack contest which was a scream.

Mary Mack (repeat!) Dressed in black (...)
Silver buttons (...) Up and down her back (...etc)
She combed her hair (...) She broke the comb
She's gonna get a pipping
When her mama gets home!

Gracias a Patricia y todo el profesorado de CEIP Los Llanetes por su maravillosa acogida. Volveré pronto!!!! David

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