Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's all folks!

Miguel Angel
from our NI2B class wrote a great account of his foggy adventure. Now here is the question: is it truth or fiction. Please write and let me know! -- David

It was a cold rainy night as we drove along the old road to Santa Brigida, when suddenly, my car broke down. I tried to fix it, but apart from a wheel flat, the battery was low and I could not make the engine start.
We parked the car and started to make our way home. Several cars overtook us but no one stopped to help, even though it was raining cats and dogs. Soon we got wet; we did not take any umbrella or raincoat. We could not see beyond 2 meters, due to the rain and mist. It was 2 p.m. and we were worrying a lot because we had a very long way to reach home.
As we passed by the dark streets and houses on either side, dogs were barking – but still, no one helped us – even that we saw people peeping through their windows. It was getting worse and worse when we saw a car approaching with blue lights on the roof. They stopped at our side and asked what we were doing at that time and in such heavy rain. We explained that we were lost and our car had broken down.
But they did not believe us since it was someone in the neighbourhood who called the police, saying that a strange couple were walking in the rain and that perhaps we were nuts. They took us to the police station and it was the following morning that they set us free. What we did first was take the car to be repaired, and later, visit the doctor for a heavy cold. And that’s all folks!

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