Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Message for Lola from Marisol (NI2 A)

One of my students, Marisol, wanted to improve her speaking and listening skills in English so she took an imaginary job in a hotel in California. She wrote to her friend Lola and described her duties on the job. Both Lola and Marisol are in our NI2 (fourth year) class this year having returned to EOI study after a 15-year break. During that time they have been busy with lots of over activities, raising children, teaching and doing development work. We are lucky to have them in class.

Hi Lola,
How are you? I haven´t written you because I didn´t have time. I´m fine although quite tired. As you know, I’m working at a hotel in California, at the beautiful seaside town of Long Beach. I decided that this summer I would improve my English, especially my speaking and listening skills, because I need it for my development projects.
My job in the Tamarindo Hotel which is interesting and exciting, but it´s really hard-work! I begin the working day very early in the morning, exactly at six o’clock. I thougth at this time there isn´t anything to do at the reception of hotels, but I wrong. The reception of my hotel is always very busy. I didn´t know when I arrived here, but the Tamarindo Hotel is the most important hotel in California! Its has 3300 rooms and 33 suites!! Uf! Really, it´s very huge!
Normally, at six o´clock, I start to supervise the notes that my workmates leave me. After this, I take note of the day’s news entries and I attend the phone calls too. While, the clients are having their breakfast and in a moment… the daily dance begins! : there are people coming and going everywhere! They ask me all types of questions: “Is there hot water in my bathroom?” “Could you give us another card? We lost the keys of our suite…” “Please, could you phone a taxi for me?” “Please, do you know the menu of dinner tonight?” “Please, at what time does the Art Museum open?”… And, yes, I practice my speaking and listening with this but it is very exhausting!! I end up feeling very tired when I get home.

But, in spite of it all, the job is very amusing. Every day something interesting or funny happens, or even crazy! So the days pass quickly.

In another way, tell me about you!! Is it all right there? Are you looking after Nalah, my favourite doggy? Have you seen Jose y MarĂ­a? Do you know if she had the baby already? Give them my fondest regards.

A lot of kisses for you and Nalah! I miss you!!

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