Thursday, January 21, 2010


By Maria del Mar

My favorite teacher from primary school was Mary because she had such a cheerful character. She was fifty years old, wasn't very tall and she had white, short hair so she seemed older than she was.
She had a very fair skin, with small blue eyes. Her hands were very small and very strong, too. She told me when she was a kid she lived in the countryside and had to work very hard with her father. Also she told me that she learnt much about life in the countryside and liked it more than living in the city. She had moved to the city to find a job and was happy teaching children.
As I say, she was cheerful and always singing with her guitar which I found quite amusing. She was bossy, too, because she urged us to study hard and wanted us to be responsible children. She was caring and kind and always helped us.
When I left school, we talked once a week, talking about our lives. She was more optimistic than me and helped me to see the bright side of everything and gave me good advice.
We stayed in touch over the years and nowadays I can talk with her about anything so I consider Mary to be like my grandmother. Although we don't live in the same town now we talk on the phone almost every day.

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