Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's go to Costa Rica!

Jesús B dreams of exotic climes! In NI2B We have been proposing some far off adventures.

Dear Jose,
I’m thinking about where I’d like to spend my next summer holidays. I have visited most of Europe but I’ve never gone to America. I know the USA and Canada are the safest places there, but I would prefer to take in a country with a more natural landscape. Although Central and South American countries are somewhat dangerous I’ve read Costa Rica is the best option, because it has a lot of natural protected areas, with different climate zones and varied landscapes.
I believe it is an ideal place to see wild animals and plants, both in the sea or inland. Costa Rica boasts one of the world’s most well-preserved rainforests. Therefore, I have heard you can do many outdoor activities there, like canoeing, rafting, snorkelling and swimming. A very nice experience is to see turtles laying their eggs in a hole in the beach sand. They do this at night and always at the same beach where they were born, it must be incredible!
Jose, I know you love wildlife like me and you are looking forward to visiting a country like Costa Rica. I’ve been checking out some websites searching for information about accommodation, flights and travelling around the country. I think the overall cost will be about € 2000 for two weeks.
Aren’t you dreaming of this trip? I am sure we will have a marvellous holiday. Please, write me soon. We have to book hotels and flights three months before the departure. Best wishes, Jesús

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