Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learning about the Cape Verde Islands by Miriam NB2

In our last class day we were speaking about our Christmas time. More or less all of us had had a good time. We were speaking how our holidays had been, but one of our classmates told us his journey to Cape Verde and we learned many aspects about this place.
First of all we learned that there were ten Islands San Antao, San Vicente, Sta Lucia, San Nicolas, Sal (where is the airport) Boavista, Maio, Santiago(the most important island of all them) Fogo(where there is an active volcano) and Brava. Many of these Islands are desert; it means that nobody lives there. These Islands are quite like the Canary Islands because they are of volcanic origin, but they are drier than our islands.
They speak Portuguese and Creole Cape Verdian that is a dialect. The name of our classmate is Javier he works as a piano teacher. He told us that he would like to teach piano to people in Cape Verde but nobody was interested. This is not his first time in Cape Verde, he first went there ten years ago and fell in love with the place.

I’m very happy about to know of his journey. I would like to visit too.

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