Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ana's Essay about Beaches in Gran Canaria (NB1)

(In the Canary Islands we are surrounded by so many different beaches. In fact, many Europeans, especially from the far North, consider these islands as exclusively a beach destination. So some of our students asked:WHAT CONSTITUTES A GOOD BEACH? Here is one essay on the subject.)

I wonder what constitutes a good beach and the answer seems clear and easy. In general, people like a beach with clear, calm water, clean and white sand; a beach with facilities such as umbrellas and deckchairs, cheap restaurants and, of course, a good parking lot not far from there. And, if people could also order the weather they liked, they’d ask for a sunny day, not very hot, without wind, just the ideal temperature to get a nice suntan.
But I think it’s not so easy to answer because if we make the same question to young people who like sports and activities with friends, they’ll answer they prefer a beach where windsurf or any other sport can be practised . They like beaches where the wind blows and with a lot of big waves. Beaches with an open-air cafe or a refreshment stall with music and a lot of people shouting and laughing and with a parking area to leave their cars because they have to carry their windsurfing equipment.
On the other hand, if we make the same question to a young mother, she’ll probably prefer a very calm beach with clean sand where their children can make sandcastles, while she’s lying down on a deckchair reading a magazine or doing crosswords. And she’ll be more quiet and sure if there were some lifeguards or the Red Cross near her.
At last, if I have to answer this question with my own opinion a good beach is one that is calm, with not many people. With some rocks where I can sit on and stay there, in silence, looking at the sea and relaxing. I like a beach with clear water, some waves but not big ones, with clean, white sand and of course, without umbrellas or deskchair, I prefer just my towel. The sound and the view of the sea is, for me, one of the most relaxing things.
Now, perhaps you agree with me when I say that your question about this subject is not so easy to answer. I think what makes a good beach depends on who you ask the question to, don’t you? Ana J. NBA1

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