Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jose Prefers Beaches with Few Sharks!

A good beach is a very big one with yellow sand. It is very important that the grain is fine, because the thick grain is very more annoying for our feet. Its sense of touch is terrible for me. The cleaning sand also is very more important, in my opinion.
The water quality is important, too. Dirty or toxic water is very bad for our skin and health. In the good beach, the water is clean and crystal clear… and obviously salty.
Most people prefer small waves and a calm tide. But the sports people enjoy big waves and those most adventurous ones prefer a strong, wild tide.
The best beaches have qualified life guards. They are very important and necessary in case of danger. They save many lives. Most beaches, but not all, have got a Red Cross station, too. Some small beaches haven't got life guards nor any Red Cross facilities but, yes, they are crowded with many people. The perfect beaches have also got good restaurants, a big parking space, big, clean bath areas and hotels, too.
Also, a good beach does not usually have lots of jellyfish and sea urchins in its waters, but it is more important and necessary, in my opinion, to have few sharks. These can really ruin your day! Jose

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