Thursday, December 25, 2008

Malena’s Family: Jose's Essay ( First Year)

In my English class we are talking about families. Malena told me about her family and here is what I remember.
My family is small but Malena´s family of is very big. Her parents are Jose Ramon and Maria Teresa. Her father is a retired pharmacist and he's eighty seven years old. Her mother's a housewife and she's eighty years old.
Melena’s got seven siblings. Her sisters are Maria Teresa and Sole and her brothers are Jose, Manolo, Enrique, Miguel and Joaquin. Malena's got three children. Her son is fourteen years old and her daughters are sixteen and nineteen years old.
Oh, let’s see, cousins… well, she's got many, fifty-five in all, so I can’t give all the details. Let’s say there are a lot of them! (Jose, first year student)

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