Thursday, January 23, 2014

NA 2 Monologues Topics

Another Country
Would you like to live in another country? Which one?
Consider the following possible challenges when you travel to your new country:
1) unusual food                2) feeling lonely or homesick
3) bureaucracy                 4) language
5) accommodation           6) different climate

·         What do you think of the expression "money makes the world go round"?
·         How important is money for you?
·         Would you give up work if you won the lottery? Why or why not?
·         Love, Health, Money; how do you rate these three elements in your life?
·         Do you think income tax should be abolished?
·         What other ways could the government raise money?

House and Home
·         What would the house of your dreams be like?
·         What do you know about houses in England?
·         What are the advantages and disadvantages of country and city life?
·         What do you think of the English saying "My home is my castle"?

Moods and Humour
·         What can make you depressed?
1) bad news   2)commuting   3) relationships   4) politics    5) the weather
·         What do you usually do to overcome depression?
·         What factors are important to you to be happy?
·         How often do you laugh? What makes you laugh?
·         Can humour heal pain and suffering?
·         What differences are there between Spanish and English humour?
·         What types of humour do you like best and least?

TV and Cinema
·         How much TV do you watch every day?
·         What programmes do you always watch and which do you never watch?
·         What types of films do you like?
·         Do you prefer watching films on TV or at the cinema?
·         Comment on the differences?
·         What is the best /worst recent film that you have seen?
·         What is your favourite classic film?
·         Where do you think the best films are made? In Europe or the USA?
·         Have you ever seen a Bollywood film?
·         Are you familiar with Oriental martial arts films?

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