Thursday, January 23, 2014

Conversation Practice NB 1

Dialogue one: Here is an example of a NB1 team's work:

Adrián :  Hello, my name is Adrián. What’s your name?
Ana: Good afternoon. My name is Ana.
Adrián :  Nice to meet you.  Ana is a beautiful name, my cousin is also called Ana.
Ana: Nice to meet you, too.
Adrián :  I am from Las Palmas, where are you from, Ana?
Ana: I am also from Las Palmas.
Adrián: Really? Whereabouts?
Ana: I live in La Calzada near the famous Botanical Gardens, in an old, modernized home.
Adrián: I am a computer engineer, but now I am unemployed. What’s your job?
Ana: I am an administrative assistant but I am unemployed too.
Adrián: I like to do sport and I play video games. What are your hobbies?
Ana: I love to walk in the countryside. And I also like to cook for my friends.
Adrián: I have got three brothers and a sister. We live all together in the same house with my parents. Have you got any brothers or sisters, Ana?
Ana: Yes, I have got three sisters alive and me I have got two nieces and two nephews. Three of us live alone. Well, my sister has got children and lives with them. But anyway I think they are alone at the end.

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