Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marriage, an Old-fashioned Tradition (by Juan Daniel NA 2)

            Marriage has been one of the most important traditions in our society for centuries, but is it today on the verge of extinction or maybe just suffering a deep metamorphosis?
            For our parents’ generation, marriage was not only an option, in fact it was a duty. For most Catholics, it was the proper way to build up a family and the wedding had to be held in a church. Even those non-religious ones, used to get married in order not to be criticized by an extremely strict society. Furthermore, couples used to join each other very young, sometimes being perfect strangers, leading to unhappy and unstable lives.
            Today, things have changed dramatically. Marriage has become a secondary concern. Youngsters’ biggest priorities are their careers and of course, living as many experiences as they can. Most times, this is against being “tied” to some one.
            In my case, if I had followed my mother’s steps, I would have been married for ten years now and I also would had had three children, which sounds a little crazy for a guy in his thirties!
            What is more, many couples choose to live together without being married, what is fully accepted by today’s society. In my opinion, this leads to more mature and responsible relationships and at least, if things go wrong, you haven’t got to spend a lot of money and time trying to get divorced!
            Taking everything into account, it would seem that marriage is condemned to disappear; but in fact, weddings are rising day by day, (so are divorces), owing to an unexplainable desire which remains very deep in our souls, or maybe, it is only because getting married is fashionable and trendy and it has lost its original meaning.

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