Thursday, December 12, 2013


      Recent research has shown that young people are not so interested in getting married as a few years ago. Religion and traditions were considered very important and controlled people´s life.
     I think nowadays couples who live together and have not gotten married, have the same rights as couples who are married. Has the society accepted the change?
      Firstly, woman work very hard to earn a living, so they do not need protection, as in the past. In fact, girls used to dream of the wedding day and they thought about the comfortable life they would live. In the past, if the woman did not work or had not studied, marriage was an opportunity to change her life. Also children grew up thinking that getting married was a good idea because they would be accepted in society.
      I remember the first time a boyfriend proposed to me. I was terrified, I only wanted to disappear and I had to hold my breath and say no. It was one of the most embarrassing situations I have ever had.
     There are people who oppose to it. They still think marriage is the only way that a couple has to live together. According to them, something different from marriage is a terrible mistake because you are living against society´s rules and traditions. There are people who still believe that young people over 30 who are not married or have a partner are weirdos. What strikes me is that people still gossip if, for example, a woman has a child without getting married.
      Taking everything into account, fortunately society is freer than in the past and people try to find their own way to happiness, without bearing in mind ancient beliefs.


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