Monday, December 16, 2013

Adriano’s Story

Adriano was brought up in a small town in northern Italy. Although his family worked in the clothing industry, he had no interest in this and even when very young, he considered cooking to be better than sewing. The aroma of freshly roasted garlic and homemade tomato sauce meant more to him than the finest fabrics. His passion for food grew, so after leaving school, Adriano went on to study cookery in a nearby city. Later he became apprentice to a celebrated cook in Paris, staying there for two years before moving to London. There he got a good position in a top hotel, cooking for such famous guests as the Queen of England and the President of Italy.
In 1991, he moved to San Francisco to take over the kitchens of a famous restaurant, and two years later, fulfilled his life-long dream of opening his own restaurant. It did very well and when a small building next to his restaurant became available, he also opened a lunch-time pasta bar.
For Adriano, running a restaurant is about hospitality, and, of course, eating. He still works in the kitchen to ensure that the customer gets good food prepared with the best ingredients.

Further sentences with these structures, expressions and verbs:

  1. Where were you brought up, in the country or in the city?
  2. When you left school, did you go on to do further study right away?
  3. Picasso never considered painting as a career. It was his passion.
  4. What is involved in running a small hotel in the country?
  5. How can you ensure good teeth? By brushing them everyday and avoiding sweets.

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