Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carlos Speaks on the Glories of Barcelona!

Our NI2 class was pleased to receive a visit from Barcelona-native Carlos who spoke about his home town. The other students interviewed the young Catalonian businessman specializing in industrial, wooden pallets. Although Carlos has lived in Las Palmas for three years, he spent the first 38 years of his life, growing up in the neighbourhood near Parc G├╝ell in Barcelona (see photo here) so he obviously prefers the Mediterranean city. One student asked Carlos what the Catalan people are really like, a question which he found difficult to answer. He told us that although the Catalans are not as warm and bubbly as the Canary Islanders, they are very devoted to their friends and family. Indeed, once you have a Catalan friend, they are "true blue" (muy leal). Another classmate wanted to know why Barcelona is such an expensive city, especially compared to other capitals in Spain such as Seville or even Las Palmas. He replied that the standard of living (nivel de vida) in Barcelona is very high as its citizens earn a good wage. It was an honor to have Carlos speak to our class and we learned a lot from this experience, I think. -- David

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