Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visiting London with Nieves from NB 1C

Our NB1 students are planning an imaginary holiday week in London. Here Nieves offers an itinerary.

London town is very nice to visit. When I go there I want to see many interesting places. You can visit Imax Cinema or the London Eye, the biggest wheel in the world. From up there you can see the city for forty kilometers in all directions above London. Another very important feature is the Houses of Parliament with the clock tower or Big Ben. You can visit many parks, palaces or art galleries and museums for example The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (one of the most famous places visited by everyone), The British Museum (with many ancient Roman, Greek or Egyptians pieces of art), Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth lives or Hyde Park.

I love shopping so let's go to the most famous shop in London, Harrods. Another famous place for shopping is Covent Garden which, in the past, was a fruit and flower market although there are many more markets in London, two of them are in Notting Hill. This neighbourhood is also famous because it has the largest carnival in Britain.

When night falls on London, you have thousands of pubs where you can eat and drink. The Prospect of Whitby was built in 1520 or The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden. In Soho there are many restaurants and cafes for a range of fare from more expensive to cheap meals. So you have Chinatown zone or very different restaurants, with French, Spanish, Indian Japanese food. If you want to go to the theatre or cinema you can go near Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

In short, London is an incredible town to visit… so come on, let's go!

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