Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Patience is a Virtue.... Help for Beginners!
In class yesterday with the beginners' group, we were considering thedifferent pronunciation of
Writing -- (long "i" sound)andWritten -- (short "i" sound)
and your teacher explained that the two consonants (TT) were thereason for the short "i" sound.
"But this is too difficult," a wonderful student named Floryannounced. "How will we ever learn this!"
Well, I advise patience but also recommend getting as much exposure toEnglish as possible.If you would like to prove or disprove my observation about the doubleconsonants' effects on preceding vowel sounds, you can consult anon-line dictionary of English with prounciation options.I recommend the EFL vocabulary and grammar page cited above and alsolinked in the sidebar here.
Good luck and keep plugging away -- (plug has a short "u" sound, by the way!!!!)
David Shea, your teacher

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