Sunday, February 13, 2011

A London Adventure with Patricia and her friends!

Dear friends:

Almudena, Esther, Angel and I are going to travel to London this summer. If you like, you can travel with us. There are many interesting places in London!! We have travel plans already! The first day, on Monday, we can go on a boat trip from Tower Bridge to Westminster; so, we see the town from the Thames which is a big part of London’s history. It has always been at the centre of the city. In the evening, we can visit The British Museum, one of the largest museums in the world. There are thousands of exhibits and over five kilometres of galleries, it is fantastic!

The Second day, on Tuesday, let's visit South Bank, there we can see The Royal Festival Hall and The Tate Modern. We can also see art galleries and we will have lunch in their restaurants or bars. In the afternoon we can visit the Imax Cinema.

On Wednesday, we visit Buckingham Palace, the London home of the Queen. The most famous old buildings are north of the river. The houses of Parliament and of course, Big Ben. This is the name of one of the bells.

London is well know for its parks so in the afternoon, we can visit some of them. We will go to walk through Hyde Park and Regent´s Park to see more than six thousand animals in its zoo. Then, we can attend an open–air theatre and we can watch Shakeaspeare’s plays.

On Thursday, we go shopping. London is world famous for its shopping. We go to Oxford street, Selfridges and Harrods. Surely there are sales!

On Friday, in the morning, we visit The London Eye, This is a big wheel that takes you 135 metres above London. We can see for forty kilometres in all directions. We can see St. Paul Cathedral, Windsor Castle and new buildings like The Milenniun Dome and Gherkin. In the afternoon we visit Canary Wharf, that is a new centre of business in London. On weekend mornings (Saturday and Sunday) we can take the tube to two well known markets, at Porto Bello Road and Camden Town. There they sell exciting things (and some junk).

On Saturday evening we will visit Covent Garden and have a coffee. Covent Garden is famous for its street performers. At night we will go to Soho to frequent the old pubs. On evening Sunday we return home. Oh well, it was a wonderful trip! Best wishes from Patricia NB1c


London hotels said...

As I can see you have visited the most of the popular attractions. Good for you. However there is even more to see. Regards.

David Shea said...

Thanks for the comment! We were just practicing our English writing. Surely there are many more things to see and do in London! Best wishes