Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Barnstorming in the Mountains of Valsequillo (Delmar Lemming)

We enjoyed the singing and chanting enthusiasm of both pupils and teachers at CEIP Valsequillo and Los Llanetes recently.

I fancy this mini-tour of the mountains above Telde as a "barnstorming" in remembrance of the theater companies that used to perform in the hill towns of upstate New York in the early to mid 19th century, travelling from barn to barn.

The pretext last week was to celebrate the Canary Islands' celebration which takes place on May 30th each year. Having said that, I would gladly return to sing with these wonderful pupils. I also want to acknowledge the fond welcome afforded by the respective staff and administrations. Thanks for all the music and fun. Now in Spanish...

Gracias a todos los profesores y alumnos del Colegio de Valsequillo y Los Llanetes por la cálida acogida, la comida y la amistad. Me encantaría volver a sus centros en un futuro no muy lejano y compartir más canciones y cuentos. Un saludo desde EOI Santa Brigida .... David Shea

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