Monday, April 26, 2010

Lorena's Life as a Fly!

My life as a Fly (by Lorena in NI1B)

Hi! I’m a funny fly and I love living in the kitchen because here I can steal lots of food! Also I can hear all the family conversations and watch TV while they are cooking.
Today was a very strange day. The family (“my” family) is travelling to the Caribbean and I had nothing to eat! So, I decided to fly off and find some food, but… where?
While I was thinking, I heard a dog bark. It was Glamour, that stupid dog. Really we never have gotten along, because dogs think they are the humans' best friend. In my opinion, flies are a truly great animal. We don’t eat much, we make little noise and we are very independent. I watched Glamour and sniffed the air. I recognized her food, near the garden door. I smiled and waited a few minutes for the dog was vague, then I flew very quickly and reached my food.
“Great! Meat!” I thought landing on it.
Suddenly I felt a terrible sense. On my back was Glamour, growling, surely furious because I was stealing her food. I was frightened, so I escaped as fast as my wings could fly!
“AH!” I landed on a plate after crashing into something. I opened my eyes and…
“Ohhhh! CHEESE!” Yeah, I had crashed into an amazing cheese on the kitchen table. This was better than the stupid dog food!

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